I’m fulfilling a few requests in doing this update of medical CFNM, so I hope you guys especially enjoy these CFNM videos. I’ve only come across a few sites that really address the specific medical CFNM scenario, and funny enough, they usually come from Czech Republic and Russia. So, first up are two clips from […]

When it comes to CFNM, there’s probably nobody more imaginative in the creation of scenarios than the Japanese. Since their culture is so fetishized, they truly are very good at getting specific fetishes like CFNM right and allow their creativty to explore new conceptual territory. So in this update of Japanese CFNM videos, I’m finally […]

Of all CFNM situations, the one I personally know best is CFNM within the medical environment. Hospitals, quick care clinics, and doctor’s offices are indeed prime environments for CFNM to occur. Having a chronic medical condition definitely opens one’s eyes to that fact! But I’ve put together a mixture of some real life and fantasy […]

It’s always fun to present medical CFNM here on the All Things CFNM blog, as it’s something I get to experience frequently in my real life. Of course, it doesn’t happen in the same context as all of them, just the the 1st and 4th. Speaking of which, the first video is actual hidden camera […]

If you’ve noticed my absence, it was from one of my frequent hospital stays. It’s during these visits that I am reminded again and again how awesome the medical environment is for great CFNM experiences. So that’s what I’ve delved into for this CFNM blog post, a mixture of fantasy and very traditional and straightforward […]

As with all the blog’s Japanese Cfnm posts that I make, I point out how imaginative and creative it is. It’s pretty apparent in Cfnm videos that I’ve posted here, here, here, here, & here, where you’ll see similar themes to what I’ve posted here today. First up is a set of four Japanese Cfnm […]

I’ve been quite stingy on the retro Cfnm this year, having only three posts (here, here, and here) with clips of this type since the first of the year. But having looked through my archive of collected Cfnm from sites such as Rodox Retro and the awesome and newly revamped The Classic Porn site, I […]

This post is dedicated to three aspects of the Japanese Cfnm genre: goofy “game show” setups, nurses, and the rare uncensored stuff. It’s practically impossible to have watched much Japanese Cfnm and not have encountered a scene that involved a nurse or had a girl doing something ridiculous around or to a naked guy. It’s […]

In the age of multiple-site networks, it’s rare that you’ll find one that offers more than one site with Cfnm content on it. That’s not true of BangBros Network, as they’ve got a handful of them which have excellent Cfnm scenes. Obviously you already know that Brandi Belle is all about doing Cfnm themed scenarios, […]

Although I did post a medical Cfnm video the other day HERE, I realized it’d been awhile since All Things Cfnm had it as a featured theme. So, to remedy that, I’ve picked out seven Cfnm scenes that incorporate nurses in a fantasy or semi-realist capacity. The first five are Japanese Cfnm, as nurse cosplay […]