All right, girls and guys, thanks for not completely abandoning me after this extended absence of mine. I do apologize for the lapse of activity. There’s just too much to explain, so instead, I’m letting these clips distract you. Basically, these eight clips are the juiciest scenes of CFNM from a full-length Japanese CFNM fetish […]

I’ve done quite a few of these fantasy “family fun” themed CFNM posts over the years, usually to a fairly decent reception. To see some of these just check here, here, here, here, here, & here – that’s just for starters, too. So for this installment of family fantasy CFNM scenes, I’ve brought out four […]

As promised, here is a follow up to yesterday’s post of schoolgirl CFNM, except with a slight twist. This time around, white girls in cute schoolgirl outfits are engaging in CFNM blowjob & handjob action. First up then are two female representing America. Whereas the next two are from European countries, as they came from […]

I am starting out with a disclaimer: I know that the Cfnm found on the Reality Kings network is very, shall we say “porn-y”. Meaning that although there’s some nicely executed Cfnm fantasy setups, they almost all move into the territory of mainstream porn after ten to twenty minutes. Of course Reality Kings does have […]