If you remember, I mentioned too long ago here that Miss X had a DVD produced, titled “The Diary Of Miss X”. I bought a copy myself awhile back and waited far too long to tell you all about it! This DVD, explores her passion for photography within the clothed female – naked male setting, […]

When it comes to the most pure CFNM situation, none are more ideal than when a female photographer is using a naked male subject as the object of her study. Many women have taken many a picture of a naked man throughout history of course, like Dionarra Niccolini, a female photographer who specifically focused on […]

Just when I think that I am running a little low on traditional Cfnm and casual mixed nudity videos, I simply stumble across a bunch. This type of Cfnm used to be incredibly rare, but now with digital video being made available to everyone at a reasonable price, there’s quite a bit out there. So […]

This post is a mixture of public Cfnm and photography shoots that are Cfnm themed, all completely real and unstaged. Although it all started from a request by Bik for a repost of the 4th video, I added some other gems. First up are two videos from public Cfnm superhero Kucho masturbating (and sometimes jerked […]

I’ve done a couple similar posts of naturally occurring Cfnm that takes place at nude photoshoots, why not have another? I know that there’s quite a vacuum for traditional Cfnm out there, so I’m making this a sizable posting of content. I’m starting out with 5 exhibitionistic Cfnm moments that were captured on the Janice […]

Typically I’m not a big celebrity gossip follower whatsoever, but when the celebrity gossip has something to do with Cfnm and/or is sexually hot, then of course I’m intrigued. One perfect example is the old American Idol nude and Cfnm picture “scandal” surrounding Anotella Barba that I blogged about right HERE. Less surprising but still […]

Cfnm in the traditional sense is what I’m talking about today, a simple and casual interaction between clothed women and naked men. Nothing overtly sexual going on, just sharing physical and visual space at the same time. What fills the gap is pretty much up to the players involved. So since I’ve kind of strayed […]

When I was deciding what to post next, I looked back through previous updates and noticed that it’d been over a month since I’d posted any Japanese Cfnm. It’s going to be hard to follow the last Japanese Cfnm post (you can revisit HERE) as everybody went bat shit crazy over it. However, I think […]