What you got here is a nice mixture of observational CFNM, or more crudely put, girls watching exhibitionist males openly jacking off for them. Since there are so many in the post, I’ll get right into describing what’s below. First up are two offerings from the premier site of intimate exposure and masturbating for a […]

Certainly, it’s not very often that you can find very intimate scenarios of a clothed female watching the naked male jerk off, and have it be very casual, not hyper-sexual, or of the surprise flashing variety. That goes especially if they’re also in high quality video. But that’s the kind of CFNM scenes I’ve presented […]

I’m usually quite torn with posts I make of traditionally themed real amateur CFNM. This is due to the fact that this stuff truly is the essence of what CFNM is: guys getting naked in front of completely clothed women and their reactions to it. It just so happens that real life CFNM occurrences like […]

If you remember, I mentioned too long ago here that Miss X had a DVD produced, titled “The Diary Of Miss X”. I bought a copy myself awhile back and waited far too long to tell you all about it! This DVD, explores her passion for photography within the clothed female – naked male setting, […]

Some of the best CFNM situations happen right out in public, where many a girl can and most likely will at some point encounter a guy who just happens to be without clothes. It varies upon the culture, but one thing is for sure, it will inspire a vast array of reactions from the girls […]

When it comes to the most pure CFNM situation, none are more ideal than when a female photographer is using a naked male subject as the object of her study. Many women have taken many a picture of a naked man throughout history of course, like Dionarra Niccolini, a female photographer who specifically focused on […]

It’s tough to keep up with consistently posting traditional Cfnm on a regular basis (like here and here), as there’s just so much more Cfnm videos available with handjob and blowjob action these days in comparison. So for today’s serving of Cfnm footage, I decided to put together 10 scenes, all traditionally themed – the […]

This post is a mixture of public Cfnm and photography shoots that are Cfnm themed, all completely real and unstaged. Although it all started from a request by Bik for a repost of the 4th video, I added some other gems. First up are two videos from public Cfnm superhero Kucho masturbating (and sometimes jerked […]

There’s alot of traditionally-themed Cfnm video below (and a gallery of Cfnm pictures via the thumbnail to the left), so this introduction is brief. Two folks have used Cfnm to build their professional careers – and not in the porn vein, either. First up is Miss X, whom has finally launched her professional Cfnm photography […]