These Pure CFNM scenes all bear the great Pure CFNM standard: where hot British girl-next-door type porn stars are combined with much more average and “typical” guys you can identify with. In the first scene, a nude male model for life drawing classes unwittingly finds himself being teased into arousal by the flirtatious all-female class. […]

I really liked the fact that there was warm reception for the last batch of CFNM that I worked up with this post. I wasn’t the only one, actually, as I got a few emails asking for more and even one submission! It comes from a couple who wants to remain completely anonymous, yet wanted […]

I did a similar mega-post of Cfnm and mixed nudity content from last year’s World Naked Bike Ride events here on the blog (that you can check out here). But this year, I’m not going as overboard with the videos as most people watched the first three videos and then pretty much lost interest in […]

First of all, if you use Internet Explorer to view this site, DO NOT VIEW LINKS HERE GOING TO YOUR FILE HOST.COM (YFH), as there’s crazy popups that will go off. If you use Firefox (which you should be using anyway, you’ll have no troubles. I’ll be trying out other video hosts as we go […]

I’ve been quite busy emailing and “tweeting” on Twitter with people that you’ll soon be seeing interview blog posts on. I’m pretty excited about it too and hopefully you’ll appreciate them as much as I do, as the people who are willing to actually take part in CFNM in their real lives and share their […]

I’ve been so busy answering emails about and surfing the new Dancing Bear site that I got behind in figuring out what I was going to post next here on the blog! I’ve been busy working on interview projects discussing CFNM too, with people like up-and-coming porn peeps like Maggie Hizakata, Trinity, Mina Stefan, and […]

It’s March Madness time and I’m stoked, as well as highly distracted by watching all the great action. But it’s made my attempts to update the blog with this “cock shock” post late. For that, I do apologize. So here’s 4 great scenes of the “cock shock” variety, where the girls have their way with […]