Welcome to All Things CFNM’s first post of SPH (small penis humiliation) videos in years. I’ve been a lot trigger-shy when it comes to this sub-genre, mostly because it can cause controversy to you chronic porn consumers out there. Also, I really didn’t find it that alluring on a personal level. However, our tastes do […]

I used to smoke up until a few years ago and always found it incredibly sexy to watch some women smoke, given the right circumstances. The way she would play with the cigarette, draw in the smoke, and exhale it always made me think automatically of what she would do with a hard cock. But […]

I’ve no doubt you’ll be pleased with the varied array of amateur couple CFNM action that I’ve presented below. All of these CFNM movies feature girlfriends and wives jerking and ultimately sucking off fully naked or at least mostly exposed men. I’m first off featuring Camille Crimson, the incredibly freaking hot redheaded Canadian woman who […]

One thing that you’ll notice here on All Things Cfnm is that there’s absolutely no shortage of amateur Cfnm. With myself included, most Cfnm fanatics love the amateur footage when it’s available because it’s REAL. Unscripted. And there’s actually some amazingly spontaneous, kinky amateur Cfnm moments captured that’re better than anything a site could stage […]