Well folks, it’s been bitterly freezing cold around here lately, which has me missing warm weather in the worst way. So, I decided a little beach CFNM would be the cure to my and you all’s winter blues for a bit. These videos are 100% real, nonstaged amateurly recorded CFNM efforts that have made their […]

Certainly, it’s not very often that you can find very intimate scenarios of a clothed female watching the naked male jerk off, and have it be very casual, not hyper-sexual, or of the surprise flashing variety. That goes especially if they’re also in high quality video. But that’s the kind of CFNM scenes I’ve presented […]

I’m sort of spring-boarding off the last CFNM blog update featuring amateur gloryhole action, which occurs in public adult video booths. However, these CFNM videos are more public in nature and have a nice element of planned & spontaneous exhibitionism to themm. First off are two public CFNM encounters from Czech Streets, which features one […]