Well since the last post of CFNM & CFNM-related video footage from adult convention Expos (seen here) got so much kudos, I put together this megapost. Basically these are in an increasing order of relevance to CFNM in sets of four, starting with female strippers & adult performers involving audience guys in their act. Then […]

Adult video porn conventions, trade shows, and Expos are amazing sources of amateur public CFNM. The adult industry showcases its current stars, products, movies, and more at these things – which gather tons of women and men into porn. One major feature of these Expos is that they showcase live entertainment, usually up on a […]

I can’t begin to tell you all the hurdles I’ve leapt over to get these CFNM scenes from mainstream porn flicks, so I’m just going to get right into describing what you’ll see below. In the first scene (in two parts because of the length of it), a female teacher gets frustrated with her group […]

I have to start off this post with a major disclaimer: there really isn’t any CFNM in it. You’re probably asking yourself, “then why is this stuff on a CFNM blog?” To which I can answer, “It’s my blog and I’ll post whatever the Hell I want!” However, as all these videos below represent the […]

I’ve been doing quite a bit of reorganization of my CFNM collection recently and the project really got away from me. Although it kept me from posting the last couple days, the good news is that I uncovered some amazing footage for this post. All of these public, on stage, (and backstage) erotic performance videos […]

So, this post of amateur couples and individual amateurs on nude beaches really isn’t Cfnm for the most part. However, you’ve got to remember that there’s plenty of at least swimsuit-clad women that visit nude beaches and have every opportunity to have seen every second of what I’ve presented below as well as in previous […]

Although there was a small amount of this type of Cfnm in this post, many of you still love to see a clothed woman’s reaction to a naked guy with a giant dick. this genre takes the classic Cfnm scenario of a woman saying “oh my God, that guy is naked” and ramps it up […]

Basically all of these Cfnm scenes involve a clothed female reporter interviewing naked men (and women) in a variety of settings. The first and last scenes contain a female reporter interviewing folks at swinger clubs, while observing the nudity and blatant sex going on in front of them. The other 3 Cfnm clips involve clothed […]

First up in this public CFNM update are two videos from a fixture of the Cfnm community and of Package Check fame, Bernard Z. Grate. Although it’s completely obvious, these videos feature Bernard Z. Grate‘s point of view while sporting a full blown 9″ erection while wearing practically see through pants – in public! The […]

I think that one of the major roots of Cfnm is that of exhibitionism, as I’m sure most of you would agree. I would like to make a little leap in saying that although not fully or at all Cfnm in context, exhibitionism that amateur couples engage in still contains its spirit. So this collection […]