Well my fellow CFNM enthusiasts, I’ve returned with a long overdue update to the blog. I’m hoping that since you all were receptive to previous posts of interview & reporter CFNM scenarios like here, here, & here, that a megapost of more would be equally appreciated. So first up in clips one and two are […]

Today’s post is for true CFNM fans, as I’m showcasing another glimpse of Cfnm experiences captured by Bernard Z. Grate! (See previous posts here, here, and here.) Bernard Z. (aka BERNIE) has done professional CFNM shoots for CFNM USA and is well known for his zany vision come true on the Package Check site. Bernard […]

You can easily peruse the Japanese category to remind yourself that I have made hours of this great subgenre available here. I happen to love this stuff, especially what’s available through Zenra.net and all that’s produced by Soft On Demand that you can find on J-List. I’ve got a high affinity for the ‘crowded bus’ […]

I’ve been wanting to do another male exhibitionism CFNM post for awhile, much like these same themed posts I did here, here, here, and especially here. It’s a genre of CFNM that you rarely get a personal touch with as it frigging nuts for ANYONE to actually do, but today I’m sharing three individual’s contributions. […]