Summer certainly becomes a busy time – house projects, weddings, baby showers, BBQs, general family shit, etc. Doesn’t leave much time for blogging. However, I got some great CFNM features in the works that include folks into webcam CFNM and also SPH CFNM on a competitive level. And PLENTY of other CFNM stuff in between. […]

Hey all, I hope you’re ready for some CFNM scenarios that are far from the “vanilla” stuff many of you are used to. First & second up are two rough tease & denial, CFNM handjobs from Hand Domination where the guys are “under restraint”. Clip one features a teen with braces jacking off a big […]

Since I get quite a few requests and decent ratings on previous posts like this post, this post, this post, & this post; I decided to plop this doozy of a post on the blog. So I’ve put together five sets of two kinky themed CFNM scenes from five sites that cater to this type […]

The term “milking” can describe quite a few things, but it’s fifth definition is the most fitting for this update: to extract something from as if by milking. Basically in the context of handjobs, a “milking” handjob involves a woman having complete control over the secured man while working to extract has come through a […]

I don’t think I post these kinds of more dominant female themed CFNM scenarios enough, so I’m hoping that those out there that appreciate this kind of scenario really enjoy the post. One of the best sources and most high quality CFNM outlets for this kind of scenario, in my opinion, is Hand Domination. Hand […]

I have eight clips of CFNM handjobs and blowjobs of varying themes for you pervs today, starting off with four from a couple sites you should know about. The first pair of CFNM handjob videos from Hand Domination feature the same guy in both, first with one girl but then with two in the second. […]

It’s not real often that I drop a post of handjob tease & orgasm denial CFNM situations, so I thought it’d be fun to do one. I absolutely love this little sub genre of the CFNM fetish, watching women practicing their ultimate control over a man simply by sensing how close they are to cumming […]

As everyone who sends email and contribute their comments is always fawning for amateur CFNM here on the blog, I figured some amateur CFNM handjobs would be appreciated. I’m featuring Oceans East Handjobs first, as the site has freaking amazing amounts of straightforward handjob scenes which happen within a CFNM setting. In these first two […]

I don’t often post CFNM scenes that involve the female controlling the guy (or guys) in any capacity, let alone with a handjob. But after becoming a huge fan of the long running and high quality CFNM handjob site Hand Domination, I’ve changed my tastes a bit. Hand Domination is chock full of action which […]

I really received quite a few positive emails in the response to this post of lighter and harder core Femdom CFNM scenarios, so I’ve followed up with this one. Just like that post, I’ve provided two clips from a great source of femdom content as well as two cumshot compilations that have a femdom flair […]