We’ve had a slight resurgence of new sites recently, and this newest one uniquely titled “Spunk Party” is poised to be a favorite for many of you out there. Now it has some similarities to

I’ve been scrounging up quite a bit of amateur CFNM footage that have funny themes to them. I mean, I’ve posted quite a bit of the more goofy, playful, and funny CFNM scenario here, here, & here. Plus a particularly fantastic one here. But these particular ones below show the particular range this type of […]

Thanks to a tip from Loloman, there’s a new CFNM party site that’s hit the net called Horny Birds. If you take the small group male stripper CFNM aesthetic of Cruelty Party and mix it with the amateur blended CFNM action from Dancing Bear, you have an idea of what Horny Birds brings. The site’s […]