Well, this is quite the overboard post of this genre of amateur CFNM as you’ll probably agree. I mean, not only am I showcasing the very new & CFNM-pertinent website Voyeur Bitches, I’m bringing out some Japanese and cock shock specialist jams for y’all. So, as mentioned then are two HD preview compilations of straight-up […]

There’s been kind of a lack of coverage on my blog here when it comes to the Japanese CFNM genre, so I thought I’d post a little something something to its effect. What’s amazing about Japanese CFNM is how inventive the producers of the stuff can be, making really interesting CFNM handjob & CFNM blowjob […]

It’s well established that Japanese Cfnm videos are fantastic because of Japanese culture’s tendency to be so fetishized and detail oriented. If you aren’t convinced, be sure to watch every minute of the movies here as well as what’s available on Asia Movie Pass & Zenra Movie Annex, and I’m sure your mind will change. […]

The best kind of clothed female, naked male (CFNM) scenario is one that occurs when the girl involved is relaxed and comfortable with the situation. This is doubly true if she’s with a group of other girls, especially if they are her friends. Each of these CFNM scenes feature a relaxed and lighthearted environment, where […]

Japanese Cfnm doesn’t appear on many other Cfnm blogs other than this blog very often I’ve found. That is, other than Japanese blogs (of course) and blogs devoted to the site Kobe Surprise. I am assuming they don’t respect Japanese Cfnm as a legitimate source of the best and most unique Cfnm out there. That’s […]