Well folks, I’m not dead – so call off the search party. Now there’s obviously a lot of material in this update, starting first with two CFNM sex voyeurism clips from Playboy TV. Clip one features a cute mature blonde shooting a sex tape for an amateur couple from Adult Film School. Clip two features […]

Well folks, here’s a smorgasbord of CFNM and NFNM moments captured from a variety of reality and scripted mainstream TV shows. I’m featuring first four clips from two separate reality shows from Playboy TV. The first two, from 7 Lives Xposed, are “guided sex session” CFNM scenarios where Devinn Lane tells a couple (and then […]

When it comes to amateur CFNM that is casual yet has an element of sexual tension to the situation, it’s by far one of the best. It’s the closest thing to flirting you can do with a fully clothed girl as a partially to fully nude guy, until it moves beyond that. And there’s a […]

After the more than positive reactions to my “Mixture Of Fantasy and Completely Amateur CFNM Shower Scenarios” post right here,I knew I would want to do more along the theme. So today there’s 7 CFNM scenarios that all take place in bathrooms for you to check out below. Starting off are two awesome fantasy scenarios, […]

Today’s CFNM post’s theme is kind of all over the place, but one thing is consistent – all of these videos were captured by the cameras of total amateurs. First up are two clips that occurred in public, footage from a nude oil wrestling event that looks to be from Burning Man, followed by an […]

European television has always reflected the vast differences between cultures, and especially the differences between theirs and American culture. American television just doesn’t tolerate, present, let alone celebrate male exposure to women in the clothed female, naked male, or CFNM context. But overseas? It’s everywhere. And one show in particular suits the CFNM scenario quite […]

Ever since I did a side by side comparison of both Kay’s Planet and My Dick Flash here, I’ve gotten many emails about them. There’s just something about Kay’s Planet‘s female-driven Cfnm and My Dick Flash‘s hidden camera style Cfnm content that both intrigues and befuddles people. They have a completely different approach to CFNM, […]

As I was pondering what sort of Cfnm goodies I wanted to post next here for you all, I found myself running into quite a few roadblocks. It’s what happens to all bloggers I suppose. Even us insignificant sex / porn bloggers. It became apparent quickly that I’ve just got way too many backlogged ‘projects’ […]