I know that I did a post of vintage porn CFNM scenario videos not too long ago, but after going through all of the archived videos I have, there were some gems I couldn’t help but share. As stated in the title of the post, all of these come from a good 30 year span […]

For us guys into CFNM situations, the biggest turn on is the girls’ reaction to the sight of your nudity. And that usually entails the girl or girls trying to get a glimpse of cock, as the size is something they’re inevitably curious about. Well, if you or the guy in this hypothetical situation has […]

If I’m in the mood to sit down and watch a fantasy CFNM porn scenario, I have to love how the female actresses in the scene perform their roles and what they bring to the table beyond their looks. And it’s that kind of consistent performance that you’ll get with two particular girls that appear […]

If you’re wondering why I’m posting an exclusively interracial CFNM themed batch of videos, I’ve really got a weak explanation. I was looking through some videos and found one that really tripped my trigger, as it had a super cute blonde girl doing an impressive job of deep throating a giant black cock. So I […]