One major aspect of the Japanese Cfnm genre is the utilization of everyday life situations in their Cfnm scenarios. For example, there’s a predominance of Cfnm scenarios on school buses and on airplanes in Japanese Cfnm. You can see this in some of my previous posts here, here, here, here, and here as well as […]

I’d originally wanted this Japanese Cfnm post to be a site review for an upcoming new site catering to the genre exclusively. But I’m sure you’ve now heard of Kobe Surprise, which is a hybrid of Money Talks and Soft On Demand’s vastly creative Japanese porn. All except it’s part of the Dancing Bear and […]

When I was deciding what to post next, I looked back through previous updates and noticed that it’d been over a month since I’d posted any Japanese Cfnm. It’s going to be hard to follow the last Japanese Cfnm post (you can revisit HERE) as everybody went bat shit crazy over it. However, I think […]

You can easily peruse the Japanese category to remind yourself that I have made hours of this great subgenre available here. I happen to love this stuff, especially what’s available through and all that’s produced by Soft On Demand that you can find on J-List. I’ve got a high affinity for the ‘crowded bus’ […]