Summer certainly becomes a busy time – house projects, weddings, baby showers, BBQs, general family shit, etc. Doesn’t leave much time for blogging. However, I got some great CFNM features in the works that include folks into webcam CFNM and also SPH CFNM on a competitive level. And PLENTY of other CFNM stuff in between. […]

Today I’ve provided you all a fairly massive update of hi-def candid amateur CFNM. I figured this update would be an appropriate follow-up to Twenty CFNM Clips Of Amateurs Engaged In Risky Hardcore Fun post, as really, CFNM is moreso about softcore interactions between clothed female(s) and naked male(s). A site that very much explicity […]

I’ve been doing quite a bit of reorganization of my CFNM collection recently and the project really got away from me. Although it kept me from posting the last couple days, the good news is that I uncovered some amazing footage for this post. All of these public, on stage, (and backstage) erotic performance videos […]

I’m not very sure why I don’t give CFNM Europe much attention here on the blog, especially seeing as it’s been a steady source of Cfnm for over 5 years now. I guess it’s because I often forget that it’s not strictly femdom themed Cfnm. Although it’s true that CFNM Europe‘s scenes usually end up […]

I happen to be in a position where I regularly experience Cfnm situations in the medical context, so seeing fantasy scenarios that take things to a more sexual place is always a welcome sight. The website with the highest quality storied fantasy medical Cfnm scenes,in my opinion, is Adventures In Cfnm. Also known as, […]

Sometimes I’m not real bright with the frequency of posts of certain types of Cfnm, especially that of the more forceful variety. I was looking through the archives here on All Things Cfnm was and was pretty surprised to not find many posts of CFNM Plus content! Seriously, CFNM Plus is emerging as one of […]

Two Hot British Cfnm Scenes

I am consistently pleased with what Pure Cfnm does in the way of fantasy CFNM scenarios, and now they are going with higher definition videos. I also have a weakness for British accents, especially when they come from cute women, double that when it’s in a CFNM context. And Pure Cfnm has all that, plus […]

I guess I’m riding a buzz of exploring the lesser talked about CFNM sites like Cfnm Plus after checking out the Bernard Z Grate stuff at CFNM USA. Although Cfnm Plus is it’s own entity, it’s part of a group of sites under the “Tushy” label. The “Tushy” sites have a unique blend of fetishes, […]

Now that I’ve been given a chance to do so some sleuthing on the new Cfnm Plus site, I can give you all a lowdown on what Cfnm Plus is all about. Cfnm Plus is a sister site to the “Tushy” site group, whose sites Girlfriend Handjobs and Guys Get Fucked may have crossed your […]

Man, I rarely get around to posting much of any Cfnm Femdom here on the blog. I never hear calls for any, but there’s always A LOT more views of those posts, which means it’s intriguing for many out there. So if you like the type of Cfnm you can get at via the English […]