I’ve been focusing a lot on bringing forth more examples of traditional CFNM to the blog this month, as you regular visitors know. But I don’t want to burn you all out, and since I recently did an amateur CFNM blowjob post here a couple days ago, I’ve brought together a post of CFNM handjobs. […]

Pure CFNM started over 6 years ago, it was introduced on the old version of the All Things CPNM Blog. Still going strong every week with new CFNM scenes, Pure CFNM is a phenomenon that all CFNM fans can find something to enjoy on. In the two video samples below, two men are faced with […]

Although the blog is still experiencing some bugs, I hope that you’ll bear with them for just a short while longer as I get things ironed out. This massive post of great Cfnm handjob scenes should do more than satisfy any of your frustrations. I’ve first presented four harsh-treatment Cfnm handjob scenes, where the women […]