I’ve sure had a crazy six weeks, folks! It all started off with some physiological things which required another planned surgery. Recovery from that, family time during the holidays, & some PC problems have kept me from doing much of anything. But I’ve got things stabilized now & am feeling better daily, so it’s all […]

Since I get quite a few requests and decent ratings on previous posts like this post, this post, this post, & this post; I decided to plop this doozy of a post on the blog. So I’ve put together five sets of two kinky themed CFNM scenes from five sites that cater to this type […]

Since the last post of CFNM handjob footage I posted was a bit on the kinky side, I wanted to post some that was a little more mainstream. That’s when I discovered that the amateur handjob producers behind Whacked Off, Handjob Helpers, & Shannon’s Handjobs were offering an amazing deal of a 1 month subscription […]

These Pure CFNM scenes all bear the great Pure CFNM standard: where hot British girl-next-door type porn stars are combined with much more average and “typical” guys you can identify with. In the first scene, a nude male model for life drawing classes unwittingly finds himself being teased into arousal by the flirtatious all-female class. […]

Today’s CFNM update is springboarding from this post here asking for you to submit your questions for Mistress T. Much of Mistress T‘s CFNM scenarios pose the men being under her, the female’s power. The men are naked and exposed, always with their cocks being used as a plaything. Two other sites that churn out […]

Since the Cfnm handjob genre can be incredibly dull, boring, and basically stupid sometimes, I tried my best to put together a bunch of very interesting ones involving amateur couple Cfnm handjobs. I First have female-in-charge and teasing and denial handjob scenes from paysites, from the following places: Chica’s Place, Fucked Up Handjobs, Hand Domination, […]

Cfnm afficionados (myself included) always complain about English speaking Cfnm sites never utilizing the highly creative Cfnm scenario ideas of the Japanese. Sure, there’s great Japanese Cfnm on Zenra Movie Annex and Kobe Surprise, but what keeps American and British sites from doing similar? Well, Pure CFNM has used the influence of the Japanese Cfnm […]

“First Porn Audition”: Jon has come for an audition to be in his first porn film. Because he is black, Kaicee and Kate are all excited because they are expecting a really big cock. They chat for a few minutes and then tell him to show them the goods. As he strips off, they look […]

When I was the first to announce back in April that the man behind Pure Cfnm had launched the Cfnm site Girls Abuse Guys, I figured it was only a matter of time before he’d branch out further. Well I’m proud to be first to say he now has, with the Cfnm site Hey Little […]