So I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but all of the shit talking and conspiracy theories people have been posting in the comment sections really have not helped me get motivated to post. When life gets crazy, your priorities change, and new opportunities become available to you, things such as this site […]

One type of CFNM situation that is by far the easiest to encounter in your day-to-day life is the type you can have via webcam. Amateur girls from all over the world are available through webcam networks like Chaturbate, either as voyeurs or as entertainers looking to make some side money using their webcams. This […]

If you’re wondering why I hadn’t updated until now, you can blame that all on Windows 10. Apparently their newest security update causes problems with software that I use to do video processing. It took me a full week and four days to figure this out. So frustrating. But here we are! So I asked […]

As a CFNM porn surfer and consumer, I’ve come to discover quite a few websites which cater to nothing but handjob action in their scenarios. Disappointingly though, about 90% of them are very one dimensional and don’t offer much variety in the story lines and setups. For me, I like for fantasy CFNM stories to […]

As crazy as it may sound, another CFNM site has popped up just this month by the name of Teen Tugs. As the name implies, it features girls with a “girl next door” look and that appear to be in their teen years, all jerking off well endowed guys. Many of Teen Tugs‘ scenes have […]

After making probably THE BIGGEST post of amateur Cfnm I’ve ever done here the other day, I’m wondering if this post will even garner much attention. It should though, as Cfnm found on the Brazzers Network is quite good. Although Brazzers has 22 sites in their network, my faves for Cfnm setups are Teens Like […]