Performance artists have always utilized some level of nudity in projects, especially that of the male nude form. I’ve always had an interest in performance art, and thanks to free video art sharing sites like, I’ve discovered there’s plenty of CFNM in performances online that pique my interest. So I’ve gathered four videos of […]

Today’s CFNM post’s theme is kind of all over the place, but one thing is consistent – all of these videos were captured by the cameras of total amateurs. First up are two clips that occurred in public, footage from a nude oil wrestling event that looks to be from Burning Man, followed by an […]

Today’s traditional themed Cfnm videos all come from two mainstream sources: artistic theater productions and from American, Spanish, and ritish movies. The first two videos show some great Cfnm scenes from the opera “Armida” that was performed in Germany within the last couple years. These are followed by three more Cfnm and mixed nudity filled […]