It’s becoming a more common for nudity and sex scenes to appear in cable network TV series lately, often in the CFNM context! HBO’s “Hung” and Starz’s “Spartacus” TV series are great examples of this phenomena. So I’ve trotted out ten various CFNM, sex, and mixed nudity scenes from both shows’ first season. These are […]

Since there was some lackluster response to the past couple hard core Cfnm action oriented posts, here’s a nice mix of traditional Cfnm. First up are a batch of five Cfnm scenes that were captured from actual television broadcasts if you can believe it. The first two scenes are of the medical Cfnm theme, coming […]

As it seems as though the Cfnm community is either bored with Cfnm handjob scenarios or perhaps there’s now too many available. I say this because my posts of this genre of Cfnm get less and less attention these days. Perhaps some traditional Cfnm from mainstream television will pique your interest a bit more. First […]

As you’ve no doubt noticed from my previous posts of CFNM found on European television, they’re quite liberal with what is shown. That goes double when you compare North American TV with that of the Dutch! There’s a certain TV personality named Nicolette that does highly sexually oriented pieces for the BNN network for the […]