I’m constantly surprised at how much more CFNM and more hardcore interactions between men and women are getting broadcast in “reality” TV shows these days. I’ve shared tons of the stuff here on the blog, like I have here, here, & here. So, for today I bring you eight examples of this, the first two […]

I’m hoping that everyone that celebrates Thanksgiving ended up having a very good one, or at least better than mine! I ended up the flu and am still recovering, so this update is little bit late by my standards. But anyhow, I’m pretty excited about the fact that more of you all are digging the […]

Sometimes the best CFNM scenes end up in the most obvious places, and are downright shocking when you realize it. By obvious places, I’m talking about television shows on basic networks and on cable, places you really wouldn’t imagine CFNM to show up in! So, much like in this post, I’m showcasing eight scenes of […]

Although I just did a post of CFNM that aired on television here, many people rated it low. So I’ve put together 8 various CFNM movies which were also televised, like this post here. I think these have much better moments in them than both those posts, however! By the way, I’ve still got tons […]

Springboarding from the previous post of medical CFNM action, comes one that is a bit different. Why a double post? I have gotten lots of inquiries about my personal medical CFNM experiences that I’ve had over the years. Well, to be honest, I’ve had so much exposure to real life medical CFNM situations, it’s tough […]

I haven’t posted this much mainstream TV CFNM since this post in March. That goes especially stuff that was televised on Playboy TV like this post back in December. So first up are four clips of CFNM shenanigans from shows from the UK, starting with two clips from “Dirty Sanchez”. The first a “guess the […]

If you’ve noticed my absence, it was from one of my frequent hospital stays. It’s during these visits that I am reminded again and again how awesome the medical environment is for great CFNM experiences. So that’s what I’ve delved into for this CFNM blog post, a mixture of fantasy and very traditional and straightforward […]

Although it can be fairly rare, especially here in the U.S., Cfnm does happen to appear in television shows in a variety of ways. Two good sources of Cfnm on TV are of course from the six seasons of Playboy TV’s reality show series 7 Lives Exposed and the many broadcasts around the world of […]

This conglomeration of Cfnm movies is kinda all over the place, as I basically just threw together a big handful of different Cfnm scenes that I had lying around on an old hard drive. But what I tried to do was stay away from Cfnm that was typical and / or from mainstream porn but […]

Examples of Cfnm can be found all over the world these days on TV, usually in the more traditional scenarios like guys streaking naked in front of a crowd of women. Well in this post I’ve provided 8 clips of Cfnm on TV that aren’t quite so traditional. First up are more clips of interesting […]