The title of this post says it all, folks, there’s some freaking hot CFNM scenes in this update. The actual experience of being stripped naked, examined, and have your dick measured can be funny and erotic as well as being prideful or humbling, depending upon the variables. But I think I did a decent job […]

I’ve been adding quite a bit of Japanese Cfnm to my posts lately, if you’ve noticed. Why? Because like I’ve explained on this blog a few hundred times, CFNM done by the Japanese is simply brilliant. Now allot of people have a problem with the mosaic censorship that about 99% of Japanese porn has to […]

I think you’ll enjoy this interesting mix of Japanese Cfnm that I’ve put together for today. I haven’t had much chance to do so since the ‘Seven Kinky Medical Cfnm Scenarios’ post,as there’s been so much other Cfnm to blog about. At any rate, this batch of Japanese Cfnm consists firstly of five amateur-esque scenes […]