Well folks, a long overdue update is here! Hopefully you folks will enjoy the mix of staged reality scenes and truly amateur video grabs I’m offering in this post. These types of CFNM videos aren’t easily attained, that’s for certain. As far as the staged reality sort goes, your best bet is on Zenra Subtitled […]

If this update to quite a bit of work to bring to you, so I hope that the sheer massive amount of this rare stuff will make up for the delay. First up in clips one and two are Japanese CFNM bathing scenarios, both from Zenra Subtitled Japanese CFNM. Clip one from Zenra is a […]

Real amateur CFNM scenarios featuring pube achieving and waxing interactions are one of the hardest to find. However, as in past posts like this one here, here, here, here, & here show, I manage to scrounge them up out of the vastness of the webz. So first up are four hardcore amateur scenes followed by […]

A clothed female, naked male scenario I’ve got the most personal experience is of this type – where women are washing, shaving, and/or waxing my groin for medical and esthetic purposes. It’s probably one of the most practical CFNM scenarios out there, where any guy can most likely legitimately have a fun and even erotic […]

One of the best CFNM situations in existence is any sort of scenario where the clothed female is grooming the naked male’s manly bits. I’m talking about Brazilian waxing predominately, where female estheticians are up close and personal to a man’s cock and balls while removing the hair from every nook and cranny. It’s also […]

Amateur guys going fully nude for a Brazilian wax job from a female friend or professional aesthetician is prime territory for CFNM aficionados. I’ve never gone myself, but after seeing videos like the ones below, I’m really contemplating it! The girls either have a very lighthearted and fun time with it, or just try to […]

The simple act of getting a genital waxing or a pubic hair shave from a woman can be an incredibly erotic one, especially for somebody into the clothed female, naked male aesthetic. Having a girl handle your cock and balls, all while being completely exposed to them while they do the task at hand is […]

I had originally tried to put together a Thanksgiving themed Cfnm post, but man, it proved quite impossible to do. So instead, your Thanksgiving feast of Cfnm will consist of traditional Cfnm scenes where female amateur aestheticians wax their guy friends and/or clients that are completely naked and fully exposed. I’ve posted clips of Cfnm […]