As previos posts of this mixed variety (seen here, here, here, here, & here) have been super popular, here’s another for you all. It would’ve been up days ago, but incessant thunderstorms and high winds around here have left me with intermittent power for the last couple days. So, hopefully the extra footage I included […]

As it was pointed out in a previous blog post, Adventures In CFNM (which is AKA is devoted to a wide array of CFNM pictoral series. However, Adventures In CFNM also has a sister site which has some of these scenarios available on video called So there’s a bit of crossover of storylined […]

I’ve just recently gotten caught up with the goings-on on the CFNM TV site, the last video-series being “CFNM Hotel” and “Day Of The Fight” that I showcased in this last post. It’s great to see CFNM TV updating strongly, especially with the recent shutdowns of both Harsh Handjobs & Spunk Party. Although I think […]

It has been awhile since I attempted a post of random acts of real & amateur CFNM like in this post, so I’ve put together today’s megapost. Indeed, it’s rare to get really great examples of traditional clothed female / naked male situations where there’s not an overtly sexual connotation to it, yet where you […]

Happy 4th of July all you American CFNM aficionados! For this holiday, I’m providing the second part of a three part series of World Naked Bike Ride CFNM footage from 2012 and 2013. Much like I said in that first part, Six Completely Amateur And Real Public CFNM Videos From All Over The World – […]

Every year, major cities across the world host what’s called the World Naked Bike Ride – a nonviolent form of protest against the usage of fossil fuels. The thought behind it is that if everyone is naked while riding their bikes, maybe the world will actually take notice and do something about it. It’s a […]

I think that online CFNM aficionados are beginning to appreciate more offerings of clothed female / naked male scenario pictures. So I hope you guys and girls are appreciating that I’m posting more picture sets here on the blog, and also over on my CFNM Tumblr blog called “your daily cfnm” here. But if you’re […]

There was such a great reception for a couple recent posts of real amateur public CFNM here & here, I’ve put together another. Although it’s pretty taboo here in America at least, public nudity has always been received fairly well by female observers, within the right context. In these examples of public CFNM, it’s being […]

I think the timing of this immense amateur public Cfnm is quite befitting in two ways. First, it’s the time of year that people are out and about, celebrating the sunny, warm days in the best way possible – naked. And secondly, because I just got some feedback from a All Things Cfnm blog reader […]