Every year, major cities across the world host what’s called the World Naked Bike Ride – a nonviolent form of protest against the usage of fossil fuels. The thought behind it is that if everyone is naked while riding their bikes, maybe the world will actually take notice and do something about it. It’s a […]

It’s amazing how many festivals and events there are nowadays that directly involve amateurs engaging in casual traditional Cfnm in public. And as spring has rolled into summer, the warmer weather seems to be the impetus for them to occur. So I’ve put together ten videos of two major and one very minor recent events […]

I did a similar mega-post of Cfnm and mixed nudity content from last year’s World Naked Bike Ride events here on the blog (that you can check out here). But this year, I’m not going as overboard with the videos as most people watched the first three videos and then pretty much lost interest in […]

After reading Marie’s CFNM story about the World Naked Bike Ride event in Paris she attended, I immediately started putting together this megapost. Because man, is there A LOT of public Cfnm to behold at the World Naked Bike Ride! According to the event’s mission statement, the W.N.B.R. “is an international clothing-optional bike ride in […]