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veronica_nude_photo_shoot There’s been a major rise in the popularity of Cfnm exhibitionism in the online porn community. I’ve made quite a few posts of this type already (like here and here), but people keep asking for more – thus is why you’re being treated to even more Cfnm exhibitionism footage. One rich resource of this very specific genre of Cfnm is My Dick Flash, where Cfnm fanatic Mike and his female friend Kay utilize hidden cameras and other setups to capture hot Cfnm interludes. I’ve provided a scene where Mike’s maid Joyce, whom is used to Mike’s at-home nudist lifestyle, has a conversation with him while he’s feverishly jerking off. This is accompanied by a part of one of Kay’s female sexuality interviews involving the fully naked (and hard) male model Jake, Shelly, and Samara. I then have included 7 Cfnm webcam webcam session videos, starting with two cock shock clips from “Big Andy”, whom has a utterly crazy huge (and perhaps fake?) cock. Then there’s two great clips of Chat Roulette sessions from a Cfnm aficionado who runs the Chat Roulette Goodies blog. I then have posted 2 more Cfnm webcam captures (by request of folks on the VSFW forum) followed by a playful couple’s webcam broadcast of their at home Cfnm fun. Be sure to let me know if using Videarn instead of Your File Host is the way to go from here out, by the way.
my_dick_flash_maid_watches_mike_jacking my_dick_flash_shelly_and_friend_cfnm_interview My Dick Flash vids on VE:
Scene 1 | Scene 2
My Dick Flash vids on PH:
Scene 1 | Scene 2
More at My Dick Flash

big_andy_brunette_shocked_by_huge_cock big_andy_glasses_girl_shocked_by_huge_peniscrg_brunette_shows_tits_for_dick
crg_two_girls_thumbs_up_for_big_cock vsfw-webcamming-cfnm-garnes vsfw-webcamming-cfnm-zack
xxx_amateur_cfnm_couple_webcam_handjob Webcam Cfnm videos on VE:
# 1 | # 2 | # 3 | # 4 | # 5 | # 6 | # 7
Webcam Cfnm videos on PH:
# 1 | # 2 | # 3 | # 4 | # 5 | # 6 | # 7
All 7 Cfnm videos on RS Click HERE

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26 Responses to “Playful Cfnm Exhibitionism At Home and On Webcams”  

  1. 1 Joe

    Thanks for linking that site….and love these vids:)

  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    To Joe: sorry buddy, I kinda lost you in the shuffle with trying to figure out what people were complaining about with Videarn crashing their browsers, looking into conspiracies, and answering general questions. You’re one of the most consistent responders here, so please, don’t let my oversight be taken personally! I really do appreciate all the feedback you bring to all the posts that are made, even if you’re not all that into them. Thanks!

  3. 3 Jeff

    Awesome stuff. The one with where the guy’s maid walks in was uniquely, incredibly hot!

  4. 4 Z. GRATE

    that andy with his cock has major potentioal but he has to get infront of 3 innocent american women!!!

  5. 5 allthingscfnm

    Well Bernie, I think that the Big Andy guy is somehow sporting a very realistic fake dick. All the still pictures he’s got up in the site after you register are different from one another. The 3 videos he’s got up all are taken with him in his underwear, the dick doesn’t even come out nor appear to get more erect as he’s playing with it under his clothing. The videos I posted aren’t even on the site so man, I think it’s all fabricated to get people to come to his site, upload their videos and click on the advertising banners he’s got all over the place. I’ll definitely check back every once in awhile to see if he’s actually added anythingelse that might change my mind.

  6. 6 Geovani

    Thats Great Stuff! Good Work!!

  7. 7 Sinistergr

    Do you know if Joyce has done any videos where she does more than watch? Or her real name?

  8. 8 allthingscfnm

    To Sinister – Joyce appears in maybe 5 or 6 different interludes on My Dick Flash actually, and in one series, a lapdance from Mike leads to a seriously hot handjob and blowjob from her. She’s actually one of the recurring “characters” on My Dick Flash that I have an affinity for too! As for her real name, I’m about 100% sure that she will never have her real identity shared through the site, nor will anybody else’s.

  9. 9 Taurus

    First, thanks for the update, the My Dick Flash stuff is always appreciated.

    Second, I don’t know if anyone else had any trouble or if it was just me, but Videarn crashed my browser (Chrome) two out of the three times I went there.

    Third, any Loverboys stuff on the horizon? I’m always jonesing for more.

    Great blog, thanks for all of your hard work!


  10. 10 allthingscfnm

    To Taurus and Steve: sorry fellas, but the pros of using Videarn completely outweigh using Your File Host on every level. There’s less advertising, videos ALWAYS load, uploading is faster and easier for me to do, the video playback is MUCH faster and larger, downloading is one-click and extremely fast, and it just performs better overall. I absolutely don’t understand how it crashed your browser, as I have repeatedly tested it out on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox as well. I switch between Chrome and Firefox all the time and have never had that happen once. And I have visited it well over a hundred times just within the past couple days testing it out. Perhaps you’ve got other Internet related problems?

    and Taurus, I just posted a compilation video I put together from a pretty hot Loverboys USA show right here on March 27th. It may be awhile until I post more because I’ve already done quite a few posts of male stripper Cfnm lately.

  11. 11 Steve

    Yeah, Videarn crashed mine too. Don’t use Videarn please.

  12. 12 MrCumPassion

    Videarn pop ups are full of access to child porn.
    Please report it and then get rid of it.

  13. 13 allthingscfnm

    Hey there Mr. Cum. I tried looking for what you were talking about with Videarn having pop ups containing child porn. First off I have never gotten a pop up other than from the Live Jasmine webcam site, which contains absolutely NO child anything. I did notice that some of the banners for various porn sites are young looking but absolutely no major pay site like the ones advertised there have child porn on them. They all comply with current law, meaning that all the girls and guys appearing on the site are over the age of18, and they have documentation of that.

    So, although it may appear to you as though there’s underage porn on that site, there isn’t. Perhaps if someone uploads something of that nature, it will be visible only for a short time because they will have it removed promptly.

  14. 14 Enriquefustagueras

    Fantastic clips, Super. The last one is superb!

    By the way, do u know if the second vid from My dick flash is just the girls talking or do they start touching his dick later?


  15. 15 allthingscfnm

    Hey Enrique, glad you enjoyed this batch of clips… and I’m completely with you on your sentiments towards the last clip because it is pretty damn awesome. That’s why I posted it! šŸ™‚

    And yes, in that second video from My Dick Flash not only do the two girls end up doing quite a bit of touching on the male model,another male model is brought in for similar treatment. Basically the girls are asked if they’d be comfortable in displaying their technique in giving handjobs. It’s not forced nor do the guys end up cumming, if I remember correctly. Those interview series on the site are worth a membership by themselves because they are simply the best type of Cfnm that you’ll probably ever see on a pay site. And they are all really long as well.

  16. 16 Jim

    The two videos marked as being from Chat Roulette are not. That is me on another webcam site. I have never had any luck on Chat Roulette, let alone conducted conversations with anybody there.

  17. 17 allthingscfnm

    Hey Jim! I’m pretty stoked to see you posting a comment! Sorry that I messed up the actual service you used in having the webcam chat. It’s just that they look exactly the same as the screen appears when I’ve used Chat Roulette, so I just assumed that’s the service that was being utilized. What service are they from then? I’m curious…

  18. 18 Z. GRATE

    good work and i’m gonna have to agree, cause everything you said sounds 100% reasonable, alright this guy is unreal, i believe his dick IS real, and around 16 inches!!!!!!!!!!!

    too bad no one grabbed him for monsters of cock.

  19. 19 Joe

    lol wow I don’t get some love ha ha ha! I know I didn’t really give a long post. Love the stuff though….and I don’t know how people are l lucky on chat roulette

  20. 20 Jim

    I think it is from before I set my webcam settings so that only the models can see it. I guess this guy must have recorded it & made up conversations to have it appear to be from CR. I e-mailed him telling him it does not bother me & asking exactly what site I was on, but he has not got back to me yet.

  21. 21 allthingscfnm

    Hey Jim, I think you’re getting the videos confused or something, because these are obviously from Chat Roulette. You’re speaking of the third and fourth webcam video, correct? Because all it takes is watching those two videos to know for certain that they are not doctored in any way, and definitely from Chat Roulette. I don’t even think it’s possible to insert made up conversations into video like you’re speaking of without seriously compromising the integrity of it. They wouldn’t look right at all and ultimately wouldn’t be worth anybody’s time.

  22. 22 Joe

    lol Its fine dude…I was just giving u shit ha ha ha! But I do appreciate it!

  23. 23 Jim

    I am talking about the guy’s entire site- 2 pages of videos. He is obviously very clever & technically proficient & has edited them very well to make it appear that a conversation is taking place, what is in fact happening is myself typing to models on a cam site.

    He has sent me an e-mail telling me that he is the model in the videos- yeah right, as if I do not recognise my own penis, hands, arms, legs & abdomen & am just going to go around saying this stuff. Then when I go to his site the following message appears as of today- “I am not longer going to be posting videos online but if you are interested in seeing more than feel free to email me for details.” Which indicates he fears some kind of reprisal- which is not the case, as I indicated in my message to him.

    So if the guy wants to keep splicing continuous loops of me jerking off on from mid March, splicing it with footage of real girls from CR & pretending it is a real conversation then great, just pretty lame that he cannot admit to it & continues to try to con people into believing it is him & this is what actually happened on CR.

  24. 24 Sherilyn Marusiak

    Just wish to say your article is as astounding. The clarity in your post is simply cool and i can assume you are an expert on this subject. Well with your permission allow me to grab your feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please continue the enjoyable work.

  25. 25 sinistergr

    is it possible to upload the video where joyce blows the guy? icant find it anywhere

  26. 26 Cfnm fan

    Any videos with Veronica and Mike modeling nude? Like the first pic on this page? Iā€™m dying for it. All links are dead now.

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