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I’m using this post to inform you all about unfortunate news: the long running porn network Deluxe Pass is ending it’s run as of November 1st. Why is this of any concern for a Cfnm aficionado? The incredible Japanese Cfnm site Zenra Movie Annex is going down with it. Zenra Movies is easily one of my favorite Cfnm sites of all time because not only does the guy running it release HOT movies, there are literally HUNDREDS of them available – in high quality video. They aren’t clips either, but full length DVD movies with everything that’s unique and incredibly erotic about Japanese Cfnm: the zany ideas, the long scene development, the reactions, and more. Zenra also is the second Cfnm site that I ever joined and was never disappointed by – for the last 6 years or so. So here’s a big heads up to join the site now and download everything you possibly can before it’s all gone! To show you how worth it it is, here’s clips from two “penis study” or tekoki movies, first from “A Study Of Men’s Penis By 100 Girls, Vol. 3” and then from “A Study Of Men’s Penis By Amateur Girls With Penis Kissing. Then there’s two clips from the ultra hot Soft On Demand Cfnm DVD “Clothed Female, Naked Male, Vol.8”, all of which are available on Deluxe PassZenra Movie Annex with much more. I’m sure that those who have been members in the past will back me up on telling you that a membership to this site for 4 days is worth it. You just better have ALOT of hard drive space!
a_cfnm_study_of_mens_penis_by_100_girls-part_three a_cfnm_study_of_the_penis_by_innocent_girls_with_kissing zma-tekoki-clothed_female_nude_male-8-05
zma-tekoki-clothed_female_nude_male-8-08 Japanese Cfnm scenes on VE:
#1a | #1b | #2a | #2b | #3a | #3b | #4a | #4b
Japanese Cfnm scenes on VE:
#1a | #1b | #2a | #2b | #3a | #3b | #4a | #4b
All 4 Cfnm scenes on RS: here & here.

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18 Responses to “Amateur Girls Inspecting Nude Men In Large Groups and In Close Quarters”  

  1. 1 scuffs

    wow now this is CFNM at its finest. I really will miss this site. I hope there are other sites that can compare because the footage was great!

  2. 2 PAUL

    I only wish I had the courage to do what these guys do. For american fans guys mean MALES.

  3. 3 tp

    I just got an email notifying me that DeluxePass is merging with VideosZ. So maybe Zenra will not be going away? doesn’t matter much to me since it’s been years since I was a member, but I thought I would pass it along here.

  4. 4 Ben

    This is a true disaster, they were one of the best ever. Crap site navigation and build, but you have to forgive that when you look at the content. I only hope we find out where the content ends up.

  5. 5 Murtney

    Well, that sucks big time! I was a member some years ago and downloaded a lot of their CFNM material. When I first found the site, I was thrilled. But I have to say that over past few years the site has been updated with only a very few CFNM-type movies. Despite that, it’s a shame to see a good CFNM resource bite the dust. Japanese-style CFNM is still the best in my opinion, and I would like to see some US/UK productions pick up the ball and start utilizing similar innovations. Thanks Super!

  6. 6 SoCo

    I also would like to see this in the US.

    Mostly so I can understand what the ladies are saying.

  7. 7 namek4ever

    this is the best section of this site!


  8. 8 Cranky

    Five days and no new post? Withdrawal!!! You must be working on quite a mega-post!!

  9. 9 Winston

    The woman on the right in the second clip is incredibly stunning – just beautiful.

  10. 10 Frenzy!

    Well, I have to admit that the Japanese stuff, though good, occasionally brilliant, and always frighteningly imaginative, is not my favourite CFNM beverage. Yet the termination of such an enterprise is a catastrophic loss. My question, then, is: Why? Or am I naively missing the point? Economic Forces?

  11. 11 sonny

    loved it, i’ve been lookin for the 3rd & 4th part for a long time. There were a torrent file of that kind floatin around but with 0 seeder so i had an incompleted file. Thnx

  12. 12 Mat

    I’m trying to figure out how to send cfnm pics to the site but can’t find any where to do so?

  13. 13 kiwidave

    that first clip has got to be my ultimate dream fantasy to be in a room full of beautiful japanese girls who were taking turns to stroke my cock until i came wow heaven although it would be even better if the girls were in there underwear or less

  14. 14 kiwidave

    any idea why that zenra site has gone

  15. 15 Rogue Scientist

    The site’s still out there and very much joinable, it’s just not affiliated with deluxepass anymore.

  16. 16 My Sex Story

    This site is awesome. getting fucked and sucked great time. I always follow yours.

  17. 17 kiwidave

    i just can.t get away from that clip of all those beautiful asian girls stroking those lucky guys cocks that would have to be my ultimate fantasy .

  18. 18 James

    Doesn anyone still have this video saved?

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