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The best kind of clothed female, naked male (CFNM) scenario is one that occurs when the girl involved is relaxed and comfortable with the situation. This is doubly true if she’s with a group of other girls, especially if they are her friends. Each of these CFNM scenes feature a relaxed and lighthearted environment, where the girls are really having fun with the naked men they’re with. First off is a male porn actor audition from Cfnm Show. Four girls (one off camera) look on as the guys auditioning for porn work come in, strip down, measure their flaccid cocks, get hard, and then try to jerk off to orgasm within a time limit. It’s great to see these amateur girls’ reactions and their comments on the guys. Then there’s a similar CFNM scene from College Rules, where a group of six girls stages a “rate the cock” event. They bring in multiple amateur guys one at a time, make them strip naked, try to get them hard with a short handjob or blowjob, then rate their results using a 1 to 10 scale. It’s some purely classic CFNM for sure. I should mention that there’s a neat deal going on with a Cfnm Show membership: as a member, you can (for a small added fee) get access to College Rules, an amateur couple site, and Dancing Bear – all with one membership. I upgraded and am pretty satisfied with it. Then there’s a holy grail (albeit horrifically short) CFNM clip of a girl helping a guy pee. It’s been requested by plenty of people, so I hope it delivers. Then there’s a compilation of girls watching one guy flashing and subsequently jerking off for them, all through their webcams. Then lastly are two freaking awesome Japanese CFNM masturbation observation or “senzuri” Cfnm scenes. A guy shows off his erect cock to a large group of women for close inspection before getting jerked off to completion right in front of them all in the third Zenra CFNM clip. Whereas in the fourth clip, two amateur girls closely inspect the cock of the man jerking off, even taking some measurements and using strange utensils on him. I hope you enjoy all this, because there’s alot to enjoy!
4-Latinas-measure-and-watch-male-porn-auditioners-jerk-off 6-college-girls-conduct-a-cfnm-cock-judging-event CFNM on VE:
Clip 1 | Clip 2
Clip 1 | Clip 2
Much more here!

amateur-girl-watches-guy-pee-then-sucks-his-dick cfnm-compilation-of-girls-watching-man-jerking-on-webcam Japanese-CFNM-penis-study-jerked-off-in-front-of-hot-girls
Japanese-girls-inspect-and-measure-masturbating-guys-cock Observational CFNM clips on VE:
#1 | #2 | #3a | #3b | #4a | #4b
Observational CFNM clips on PH:
#1 | #2 | #3a | #3b | #4a | #4b
All 4 CFNM video scenes on RS here!

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  1. 1 Sparky

    There is no clip at the PH links for the first two videos.

    download: File does not exist.
    hit play button: nothing plays.

  2. 2 admin

    @Sparky: thanks for pointing that out. Remember too, that’s why I always have things uploaded to two different file hosts. I’ll re-up the files in question, though.

  3. 3 luvit

    Love the Omegle clips

  4. 4 Joe

    Been a while I know, love how lucky that guy is that he gets a girl to watch him cum and have her friend play with her tits…why aren’t I that lucky lol

  5. 5 Perry

    When I clicked on the clip 1 and 2 on VE I had a message from McFee saying untrustworthy site, dont proceed?

    Cheers mate for all your hard work, time and effort running this great website

  6. 6 Sparky

    Regarding the first two clips again….

    The PH links are both dead as reported earlier.
    The VE links are both reporting “server not found”.

    Regarding this blog… it says, “4 comments” but when I click to see them, no comments are shown at all. Not sure what’s going to happen to this comment after I hit submit.

  7. 7 admin

    @Sparky: the first two links should work, namely because the PH clips are hosted on Video Bam now instead. The Video Earn links work just fine and have been viewed thousands of times.
    However, the comments section does seem to be screwing up again and I’m looking for help in getting it fixed. But, I was able to read both your posts here in the comments.

    @Perry: McAfee is very well renowned for throwing out false positives on sites like video earn, just because of the fact they have pop-ups. Basically it’s just that stupid webcam site that shall remained unmentioned, which unfortunately all the major downloading/streaming free services use for ad revenue.

  8. 8 Perry

    I was able to read your posts sparky

  9. 9 Scotty

    I love the College Rules clip! That is a perfect CFNM to me. A group of clothed women, evaluating and judging individual men and critiquing them. . .perfect!!

  10. 10 Girlies

    Looks like a couple of great updates but unfortunately there seems to be a problem with the pornhost links and my anti virus won’t let me access videarn

  11. 11 Mateo

    The vid of the girl watching the guy pee is down. I hope you can get it back up soon.

  12. 12 admin

    @Girlies: well the antivirus program your using is probably McAfee, right? It’s probably throwing up a warning because it’s very much prone to throw up false positives. I’ve never had any problems with anything regarding VidEarn and I use AVG antivirus, the free version. It’s never said anything about a virus or any sort of threat. Funny story, quick: my computer maintenance guy even said “for doing so much porn surfing and downloading, I’m amazed that you’ve never gotten a virus!” Hahaha!

    @mateo: that video isn’t down, porn host is having a problem with their video streaming right now, so it will work once that is fixed. However, you can still watch the video using the other links through VE or even download it with all the others from RS with the link provided in the post.

    This is why I uploaded all the videos I post to 3 different hosting places, so that if it doesn’t work on one, you’ve got two others to choose from. 🙂

  13. 13 Mateo

    @admin: Cool, thanks. VE tends to not work for me, but I never knew what the RS links were for.

  14. 14 joe

    So how come when I try and look at comments I can’t 🙁

  15. 15 joe

    Seems I can read them after I post something. I still want to know how lucky that guy is with those girls lol

  16. 16 jack hammer

    hey super .just dropped by to see what was new .wow a lot as always .great stuff .thanks for all the hard work you do man .love and all my beat .

  17. 17 Joe

    Same problem if u wanted to know with the comments.

  18. 18 sam

    nice post

  19. 19 Sparky


    The comments issue everyone is talking about is related to some kind of caching problem within your blog or your server. The reason I say this is that when I visit your domain, the latest post should be displayed, but sometimes, I’m seeing the same post for days or weeks, only after clicking around can I see that newer blog entries have been posted.

    Not a problem for me but it certainly bolsters the theory that a caching issue explains why people can’t always see the comments. (No, the user refreshing his page, etc. has absolutely no effect on this… the page coming from your server is not always the latest version.)

    I’m not sure if you have WordPress specific cache settings or if this is something being done more globally by your server.

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