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It’s well established that Japanese Cfnm videos are fantastic because of Japanese culture’s tendency to be so fetishized and detail oriented. If you aren’t convinced, be sure to watch every minute of the movies here as well as what’s available on Asia Movie Pass & Zenra Movie Annex, and I’m sure your mind will change. Starring off is a scene where a group of Japanese women are being given a tutorial on how to properly give a handjob for their future jobs at penis salon they will be working at. This is followed by a great scene of two completely amateur girls inspecting, drawing, and watching a woman jerk and suck a guy off right in front of them – with an AWESOME reaction to his ejaculation. Then I’ve put together two very long videos, first featuring a new female masseuse getting her training from another on the finer points of delivering a satisfying happy ending for their male clients. Then lastly is a crazy scene that includes penis measuring, penis puppeteering, and handjobs onto clear plastic sheets – all done by women in nursing uniforms as well as normally dressed girls. I honestly cannot tell you what the hell the story is, but it’s definitely worth watching! Enjoy.
Japanese-girls-group-given-tekoki-lessons Japanese-girls-inspect-draw-watch-cock-jerked-off-to-cumshot Cfnm on PH:
Movie 1 | Movie 2
Cfnm on VE:
Movie 1 | Movie 2
On MC: 1 | 2

2-Japanese-girls-handjob-at-massage-parlor-1 2-Japanese-girls-handjob-at-massage-parlor-2 Japanese-nurses-conduct-fun-CFNM-penis-study-1
Japanese-nurses-conduct-fun-CFNM-penis-study-2 Japanese Cfnm scenes on PH:
Scene 1a | Scene 1b | Scene 2a | Scene 2b
Japanese Cfnm scenes on VE:
Scene 1a | Scene 1b | Scene 2a | Scene 2b
Both scenes on MC here & here

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