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I think that online CFNM aficionados are beginning to appreciate more offerings of clothed female / naked male scenario pictures. So I hope you guys and girls are appreciating that I’m posting more picture sets here on the blog, and also over on my CFNM Tumblr blog called “your daily cfnm” here. But if you’re looking for newly produced CFNM photo series, you’re best bet are the “Adventures In CFNM” series they have on They have some imaginative CFNM scenarios, much like the one I’ve given a sample of below. A guy named Martin meets a girl on Facebook who quickly uses her female charms to not only pose nude for her photography project, but further convinces him to strip naked in public and join the World Naked Bike Ride! Things get even more interesting, as Martin gets further challenged by the girl and her friends. How far can they push his desire to please them? You’ll have to check out the whole story on! But I’ve given you many to see, along with 4 batches of different types of CFNM, including a bunch from the World Naked Bike Ride of 2012.

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2 Responses to “Naked Men On Display For Curious and Interested Clothed Women”  

  1. 1 cfnm fan

    Your CFNM Tumblr blog called “your daily cfnm”…. thumbs-up! Or something up. Lord, that feeling I got when 12,13 looking at mags for the first time. Something about those pics on repeat, whatever you call ’em…

  2. 2 Greg

    Women shoud be allowed to view any man they like, naked. Perhaps not in public, but arrangements should be made for any man to remove his clothes and be viewed and inspected by interested women.

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