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Starting up this much requested update of “cock shock” CFNM are two interracial scenes starring well endowed men with beautiful, mature women. Nobody does this particular niche of porn industry CFNM than Monsters Of Cock, trust me! So first up, from Monsters Of Cock is a clip of a cute brunette MILF that is amazed […]

As promised in today’s earlier post is a post of CFNM scenArios available through streaming video. Gloryholes that are usually located in adult movie theaters and adult bookstores are not the most inviting areas for CFNM, but it exists. As a friend of mine has sworn by, swinger type couples often use them as an […]

For us guys into CFNM situations, the biggest turn on is the girls’ reaction to the sight of your nudity. And that usually entails the girl or girls trying to get a glimpse of cock, as the size is something they’re inevitably curious about. Well, if you or the guy in this hypothetical situation has […]

Since I referred to the CFNM genre of “cock shock” in a previous post here, I thought it befitting to do one in the the traditional sense. It’s similar to that previous post, as the focus is on girls’ reactions to seeing a seriously huge cock. However, these girls are with black men – completely […]

For me, often times the best part of any sort of CFNM scenario is when it starts. When the woman gets her first glimpse of the naked man before her, taking in what he’s got to offer visually, and seeing her reaction is just fantastic. Especially it her reaction is that of surprise or shock, […]

If you’re wondering why I’m posting an exclusively interracial CFNM themed batch of videos, I’ve really got a weak explanation. I was looking through some videos and found one that really tripped my trigger, as it had a super cute blonde girl doing an impressive job of deep throating a giant black cock. So I […]

One of the most natural occurrences for a clothed female, naked male (or CFNM, for short) situation is during a massage. It’s simple, straightforward, incredibly intimate, and can lead to more sexual interactivity if the arrangement is right. I’ve got six videos of such CFNM scenarios, starting first with a hot two girl on one […]

After digging through the many years worth of clothed female naked male footage I’ve amassed and cataloged, it always amazes me what I find. For example, BangBros has been around for years and has TONS of Cfnm throughout the huge network. What’s crazy is that it’s all still there, waiting for you to check it […]

I’ve put together a tight collection of cock shock CFNM below, consisting of 8 videos. Starting off are four from the network that kinda caters more to this type of Cfnm scene, BangBros. Two of these Cfnm scenes happen in cars in the middle of Florida, first from the legendary Bang Bus site and then […]

For today’s overdue Cfnm blog update, I’ve put together some movies of the cock shock Cfnm variety. There’s one thing that is always interesting about cock shock Cfnm, and that’s the reactions to seeing a truly gigantic cock females have. Some are initially disgusted but then curious, some are just shocked that a cock can […]