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Hey CFNM afficianados, you’ve got yourself a neato batch of video below – all with an interesting, offbeat, and distinctively kinky edge to them. First up are a pair of ‘family fantasy’ (not real) handjob scenarios. The first is quite fun, much like all of Oceans East Handjobs‘ videos, featuring a guy who is dating […]

I’ve done quite a few of these fantasy “family fun” themed CFNM posts over the years, usually to a fairly decent reception. To see some of these just check here, here, here, here, here, & here – that’s just for starters, too. So for this installment of family fantasy CFNM scenes, I’ve brought out four […]

Sorry about my absence for the past couple of days, but I had to beef up the ‘ol CFNM mobile – that’s a computer for you all. What once was a piece of thrown-together mismatched technology is now a Fort Knox of Cfnm goodies that will continue to purge out great Cfnm content like what […]