CFNM Show Archive

The act of a guy going out completely naked to a store of any type is something you would typically think doesn’t happen all that often. Well, not unlike CFNM Show‘s CFNM episode of “Surprise In The Changing Room” (pictured in the upper right) or the many examples of this type of exhibitionistic CFNM behavior […]

The best kind of clothed female, naked male (CFNM) scenario is one that occurs when the girl involved is relaxed and comfortable with the situation. This is doubly true if she’s with a group of other girls, especially if they are her friends. Each of these CFNM scenes feature a relaxed and lighthearted environment, where […]

Cfnm really doesn’t get much better than when the clothed woman and the naked guy in the situation are both having a good time. And I don’t mean just on a sexual level (although it does help), but on a more messing around, goofy or silly level. The girls get to enjoy the guy’s goods […]

There really aren’t many CFNM situations that get much more raw than when there’s one clothed girl watching one naked guy jacking off for her amusement. And nowadays it’s quite literally just a click away when open minded, CFNM aficionados in the making, get on services such as Chat Roulette and Stickam. There’s now new […]

Since the blog posts from the exhibitionism Cfnm genre seem to get so much love, I have put together another for you all. Again, I’m trying to follow some themes with the post. First up are two scenes where a single naked guy is set up to get hard in front of girls, whom not […]

Man am I excited to roll out this humongous post of amateur traditional Cfnm galleries for you all tonight! Below you’ll see that you’ve been treated to twelve galleries of Cfnm that you’ll not likely see on any other blog or free site out there. I first have three galleries of fantastic Cfnm interview style […]

Like I said in my last post, I was first to be hipped to the news that there’s a new Cfnm site in town – aptly named Cfnm Show. At first glance, it’s obvious that Cfnm Show comes from the same company that produces Dancing Bear, but steers clear from male stripper Cfnm. Instead, Cfnm […]