CFNM Watchers Archive

I’m back from a thankfully fairly short hospital visit with a great batch of American and Japanese “senzuri” (or “masturbation watching”) Cfnm for y’all. So first up are two clips from Cfnm Watchers, featuring Kay (who is off camera), her female friend Taylor, and two separate naked masturbating men. Kay asks Taylor to watch the […]

Since there’s so much American and Japanese “senzuri” (or “cock watching”) Cfnm below, I’m going to get right to it. First up are two great examples of the fully amateur Cfnm antics from Cfnm Watchers, which specifically focuses on girls watching fully naked guys jerking off for them. Now this type of Cfnm is frigging […]

This actually is the third post of a fun mixture of amateur webcam Cfnm and Japanese genre of “senzuri” Cfnm. Much like this post here suggests, there’s quite a similarity between the two. They both utilize amateur girls that have an unadulterated, safe, and hot Cfnm fun with fully naked men – all giving great […]

Well Cfnm aficionados, the wait for a Cfnm-only themed site dedicated solely to the act of a clothed female watching a naked male jerking off only is over. Kay, one half the brains behind My Dick Flash and the creator and videographer of Kay’s Planet has struck out a new site catering to this type […]