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The best kind of clothed female, naked male (CFNM) scenario is one that occurs when the girl involved is relaxed and comfortable with the situation. This is doubly true if she’s with a group of other girls, especially if they are her friends. Each of these CFNM scenes feature a relaxed and lighthearted environment, where […]

Cfnm really doesn’t get much better than when the clothed woman and the naked guy in the situation are both having a good time. And I don’t mean just on a sexual level (although it does help), but on a more messing around, goofy or silly level. The girls get to enjoy the guy’s goods […]

One of the most often overlooked and often underappreciated Cfnm scenarios are ones that occur in a friendly game context. You know, strip poker, truth or dare, scavenger hunts, over the top trivia games, and the like. Just take a small group of open minded individuals, mix in some sexual overtones and gratuitous male (and […]