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Well, it’s been awhile and I can tell from your ratings that perhaps SPH CFNM scenarios aren’t overwhelmingly popular. But don’t worry those into SPH, there’ll be more updates like it in the future. However, I know that male stripper CFNM is a huge favorite of not just mine, but many of you out there. […]

As this post has gotten to “mega post” proportions, I’ll spare you all a flowery intro and jump right into clip descriptions. Videos one and two both come from one of the first CFNM sites ever, Loverboys USA. In clip one, hung male stripper Paul from the Loverboys strips for a crowd of women, utilizing […]

I know that there’s some real fanatics out there for CFNM situations occurring with male and female strippers just like myself, so I’ve put together a big post. The first two videos consist of video footage taken from real male stripper shows that were put on in two separate locations in the UK. They’re both […]

Yep, before I go for a couple days, a big post of one of the most popular and probably my personal favorite genre of CFNM, stripper CFNM! Since the last post remotely close to this one predominately featured female strippers stripping amateur guys naked, I figured it befitting to post this stuff. Of course, since […]

I’m back with probably the most requested genre of CFNM that this blog receives: amateur male stripper CFNM. Now it used to be incredibly hard to find great video footage of this type of CFNM, thanks to women feeling more sexually liberated & going to see male strippers has become less & less taboo. Now […]

Even though there’s quite a few amateur girls getting in on the CFNM party atmosphere with male strippers on sites like Horny Birds & others like it, there’s still a “staged” element that you pick up on sometimes. This is what only can be done right when the CFNM male strip show is truly a […]

Yep, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted and I do apologize. However, with my long overdue return I bring you a boatload of mostly amateur stripper Cfnm! The first video is a repost of a full DVD’s worth of amateur Cfnm action documented by a certain Hispanic strip troupe. It’s a repost of the original […]

I’ve been kind of slacking on regular postings of male stripper Cfnm, so today you’ll find quite a bit to consume. I’ve put together four clips of hot drunk girl on male stripper Cfnm action from four sites that all have their own take on the Cfnm genre. First up is some crazy British Cfnm […]

In my last male stripper Cfnm post, here, I put forth the question of which site you all thought had staged or real amateur action on them. There was a good number of responses, so I’m doing a similar post – with a couple of different sources this time. Although it’s obvious that a couple […]

So here we go again with a nice selection of Cfnm involving amateur women enjoying the bodies and cocks of male strippers. First off is a free video gallery of drunk ladies’ night as well as a clip of intense handjob and blowjob interaction by multiple women all on one lucky stripper named Jeff, both […]