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So I’ve been gone a while and stuff. Have you missed me? I get that a lot of you have absolutely no clue as to what has been going on in my life over the last year. But I also haven’t done much here on this site to keep you all informed, and I do […]

As per usual for me, I’ve gone a bit overboard in the number of celebrity & mainstream film CFNM videos that I’ve posted here. But knowing that posts such as this one in this genre are so popular, I’m going to assume I’ll be receiving minimal hate mail from this one. I should mention that […]

I hope you all don’t mind the mash up of four different themes of CFNM situations in one post, but I have a huge backlog of clips that need to be seen. I’m sure you probably don’t mind too much, given the vast amount of requests for celebrity & mainstream film CFNM I get. Although, […]

The most popular posts on this CFNM blog used to be the posts of traditional CFNM, male stripper show CFNM, and the posts of Japanese CFNM scenes. And now, it seems that things have shifted such that now CFNM scenes spliced from mainstream movies and foreign cinema are what you all seem to rate the […]

Well folks, after quite a few frustrating setbacks, I’ve managed to put together an update. I REALLY appreciate all who’ve visited and wished me well as it means A LOT to me, honest. I’m still not 100%, but getting there – I’ll be better updating you all on my health challenges in the future, as […]

I feel pretty crappy for not updating the site until tonight, but this entire week really got away from me. Because of that fact, I thought it befitting to go way overboard with this update! It’s also because of two other reasons, one being that previous posts of CFNM from mainstream movies like here, here, […]

Well folks, there’s been such a demand for more of this style of CFNM scenes since this post, I’ve decided to drop another bevvy for you all. As there’s so many, I’ll just get right into introducing the clips, in order of appearance. These run the gambit as far as the CFNM action involved, but […]

Yes CFNM aficionados, sixteen scenes of nude men getting naked in front of and for clothed women from movies that are NOT what one would consider outright porn. There’s scenes of explicit sex with women, guys stripping for women, guys getting stripped by women, and more in this megapost. So let’s get right to it, […]

Happy New Year to all of you CFNM fans out there! I want to definitely thank all of you that have not only follow my blog but have supported all of the efforts I put up there over the years, including this past one. It’s been a very good year for me as I’ve experienced […]

A sad time has befallen bored couples, isolated single men, and pre-teen to teenage boys stuck watching cable for wanking material: the cable network Cinemax is ceasing it’s notoriously sexually-oriented “After Dark” programming. I’m bummed, mostly out of nostalgia’s sake as I got my love for vintage porn and odd erotic foreign films from “Skinemax” […]