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A clothed female, naked male scenario I’ve got the most personal experience is of this type – where women are washing, shaving, and/or waxing my groin for medical and esthetic purposes. It’s probably one of the most practical CFNM scenarios out there, where any guy can most likely legitimately have a fun and even erotic […]

Showering CFNM is a very rare form of CFNM to find online, especially when and you’re speaking of truly amateur footage. But, I’ve managed to come across some major league CFNM finds via YouTube, Daily Motion, and lesser known video tubes. But first up are two clips of this scenario from the amazing full length […]

I used to smoke up until a few years ago and always found it incredibly sexy to watch some women smoke, given the right circumstances. The way she would play with the cigarette, draw in the smoke, and exhale it always made me think automatically of what she would do with a hard cock. But […]

It’s amazing how much fun girls can have in a CFNM situation when the environment is just right. The conditions for amateur women to feel comfortable with having a naked guy flopping his junk around in front of them have to be on their terms. And the male strip show is the perfect situation for […]

With the huge demand for video clips of CFNM that exists today, I think that folks have gotten a bit jaded. Correction, a LOT jaded. There’s video everywhere you look online, but there’s just something about a picture that can be so much more erotic than a video ever could be. I used to comb […]

This update of real CFNM games should satisfy every type of CFNM aficionado. Why? Because it caters to everyone – as there’s a natural, traditional edge to these as well as a highly sexualized batch of footage. But first and foremost is the very promising amateur CFNM game videos from the awesome site Lost Bets […]

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a post of this kind of CFNM from amateur webcams, and they are always a hit. Now like this this previous post of webcam CFNM, there’s a bit of a twist to the webcam CFNM footage: the girls watching the guys jerking off for them end up getting so […]

Ever since the great reaction from my last CFNM forced stripping post, I’ve been looking & finding more. It’s about as real as real CFNM gets, where girls are either aggressively ripping the pants off of guys or standing there witnessing guys being depantsed right in front of them. The reactions are priceless – laughing […]

I’ve got some more news concerning the recent redevelopment of an old standby in the CFNM paysite world. The East European CFNM site CFNM Europe has changed its name to The name isn’t the only thing that’s changed with, as it has made the site much easier to navigate and now includes huge […]

CFNM obviously can happen in about a million different types of scenarios, all of which have their own interesting idiosyncrasies. One that has always intrigued me is that of the CFNM gloryhole scenario. It’s really unlike anything else CFNM related, as the clothed woman only is able to appreciate (or not appreciate) one part of […]