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It’s not often one gets to simply jerk off for a girl as usually it leads to more. But if it’s kept simply all about a girl casually watching the guy get himself off, all for her entertainment, it’s easily one of the hottest CFNM situations you can find yourself in. So, within this blog […]

Interesting theme for today’s batch of CFNM, wouldn’t you agree? Each of these video clips involve (at least some degree) clothed girls watching a guy and girl engaged in some form of sexual activity. So first up from Amateur Allure, a mother who’s just discovered her daughter is persuing a porn career gets to witness […]

I’m glad that people reacted positively to the last post made here, as I really needed the interaction from those who appreciate the CFNM videos that get trotted out on the regular here on All Things CFNM. It’s not real easy to get all of the things I want to publish up for you all, […]

When it comes to stripper CFNM, I don’t think there’s many bigger fans than myself out there. Because of this, I’ve accumulated tons and tons of video clips featuring amateur girls getting involved with a male stripper’s stripping routine. That’s pretty much why there’s 10 clips in this update, because of the fact that I’ve […]

Today’s update is devoted to clothed women watching nude men jerking off just for their visual pleasure. As like in this post, this post, this post, & this post, today’s update features this kind of CFNM action in a variety of ways. Starting first are CFNM interactions that were recorded from webcam chats, much like […]

As a follow up to my last post of CFNM scenes from mainstream movies, I’ve put together a small collection of scenes broadcast on TV. It’s actually a lot like this update as it has a mix of softcore and hardcore action. So first up are two clips from Playboy TV‘s incredibly hot, entertaining, and […]

As I announced back in early November here, the British fantasy CFNM scenario website Adventures In CFNM had finally started releasing new and older stories in video format on CFNM TV. Well, I’m happy to report that CFNM TV is updating still, most recently with a long series titled “Autumn Term”. Basically “Autumn Term” is […]

Merry belated Christmas, All Things CFNM readers!! I hope that all of you non-Christmas observers are having at least the opportunity to be with family and be relishing in the important things in life. Like CFNM scenarios? Of course! So to really observe the Christmas spirit (however late) are four clips of holiday-related CFNM scenarios. […]

I’m actually done quite a few posts of the interview CFNM situation previous to this one, so you frequent readers of the blog won’t be too surprised. However, for all the rest of you, I’ve put up previous posts of similar CFNM video content here, here, here, here, & here. This batch of CFNM interview […]

My last post of this type of CFNM was received really well, so I’m hoping that this one will be as equally liked. First up from Pure CFNM is a scenario where a hospitalized man needs a pre-surgery groin shaving, which leads to a handjob and blowjob from the nurse. Second up is a fun […]