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Hey CFNM afficianados, you’ve got yourself a neato batch of video below – all with an interesting, offbeat, and distinctively kinky edge to them. First up are a pair of ‘family fantasy’ (not real) handjob scenarios. The first is quite fun, much like all of Oceans East Handjobs‘ videos, featuring a guy who is dating […]

In this overdose of CFNM handjob action scenarios, girls young and mature show off their nasty and nice sides when it comes to their handling of the cock. Ultimately, irls have the ultimate control over a naked guy with a CFNM handjob, as the guy in the situation is fully vulnerable to whatever the girl […]

For this round of Cfnm handjobs versus Cfnm blowjobs, I decided to go all out. I’ve got an incredible backlog of material that I know you Cfnm aficionados enjoy, so why not provide you with more than you can handle. Sound good to you? Hope so! So first up are four Cfnm handjob clips which […]

Although the blog is still experiencing some bugs, I hope that you’ll bear with them for just a short while longer as I get things ironed out. This massive post of great Cfnm handjob scenes should do more than satisfy any of your frustrations. I’ve first presented four harsh-treatment Cfnm handjob scenes, where the women […]

I think this is possibly the kinkiest genre of Cfnm that I’ve ever posted, only having three before this one here, here, & here. Yes, Cfnm fantasy scenarios that revolve around family and step-family members is the flavor for the day. Now these types of Cfnm scenes aren’t that uncommon actually, as Pure Cfnm, Club […]

If you’ve been a regular visitor to the Cfnm blog here, you’ve probably noticed there’s been more than a few “family-related” Cfnm fantasy scenes posted. Well, today I’m continuing on this fairly kinky and taboo theme, but branching out a bit. First up are two classic Cfnm scenes directly involving brothers and sisters from the […]