Again I think I’ve put together a tidy batch of some very dirty Cfnm handjob videos and pictures in this post. Normally I like to mix up action from paysites and amateurs, but since I haven’t been showcasing what is out there lately from some of the major sites, you’re getting treated to some great […]

Remember when I announced Brandi Belle‘s porn and subsequent online Cfnm career retirement in this post? Well Brandi Belle has gone and made me (and everyone else) a liar. I was tipped off recently when I happened to finally re-visit the member’s area of the splendidly rich Cfnm handjob site Club Tug, to surprisingly discover […]

Here’s Brandi Belle’s synopsis of her latest Cfnm themed escapade for this week called “Big Dick vs. Little Dick”: “Hi everyone! Brandi Belle here, back with another hot vid. We haven’t done any comparisons of dicks lately like we used to in the past. So today I figured why not have two of my girlfriends […]

It’s pretty amazing how much of the Bang Bros. Network caters to the “big dick” Cfnm genre. You fans of the Cfnm fantasy stuff lwill like what Brandi Belle does lately will especially trip your trigger. There’s been ALOT more Cfnm-specific Brandi Belle recently, my fave being “Secretary’s Revenge”. Instead of focusing on the sometimes […]

Jumpin Jeebus! The amateur Cfnm scenes in the My Dick Flash post that I made a couple days ago right here has gotten redonkulous hits via Pornhost! Two of the clips made it into their top 40 videos list, which is nutty – but a good indication of how much people are coming around to […]

I first off want to address the incredible interaction we’ve got going in the comments sections of this post, this post and this one. Your input, suggestions, and kudos are a major part of this site’s existence and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it! So thank you everyone and let’s keep this […]

After my big Cfnm picture post the other day that included cock shock Cfnm, I felt compelled to put today’s collection together. I know that there’s been some lack of interest and perhaps excitement around the 30-plus websites that make up the BangBros Network. This is something I don’t understand, really, as they have some […]

It’s not been too long since I last mentioned Brandi Belle in my post titled “Battle Of The Cfnm Internet Web Girls”, but there’s been some phenomenal CFNM additions to her site recently. The Bang Bros. Network producers do come up with some pretty interesting concepts for Brandi Belle. With tons of now classic Cfnm […]

It’s fairly apparent that Brandi Belle is becoming more focused on her fans, and those fans are obviously very much into CFNM! All you have to do is check out the fact the 8 of 10 of Brandi Belle‘s site updates have CFNM scenarios incorporated into them. I’ll trust your skills with the internets to […]

The inspiration for Brandi Belle‘s Cfnm scenes have often seemed to derive from Japanese Cfnm since “Blowin’ On The Bus”. But it’s been much more evident recently on Brandi’s site and since I noticed it, I figured I’d share the notion with you all here. I’m presenting two different themes that Brandi Belle has bit […]