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Japanese Cfnm doesn’t appear on many other Cfnm blogs other than this blog very often I’ve found. That is, other than Japanese blogs (of course) and blogs devoted to the site Kobe Surprise. I am assuming they don’t respect Japanese Cfnm as a legitimate source of the best and most unique Cfnm out there. That’s […]

One type of Cfnm that I’ve got a huge backlog of (and one of my favorite genres) is Japanese Cfnm. You’ve probably noticed from some of my recent posts that I’ve been sharing a bit more Japanese Cfnm than I normally do, and today is a good example. The eight scenes of Japanese Cfnm below […]

One major aspect of the Japanese Cfnm genre is the utilization of everyday life situations in their Cfnm scenarios. For example, there’s a predominance of Cfnm scenarios on school buses and on airplanes in Japanese Cfnm. You can see this in some of my previous posts here, here, here, here, and here as well as […]

This post is dedicated to three aspects of the Japanese Cfnm genre: goofy “game show” setups, nurses, and the rare uncensored stuff. It’s practically impossible to have watched much Japanese Cfnm and not have encountered a scene that involved a nurse or had a girl doing something ridiculous around or to a naked guy. It’s […]

However madly popular it is, I kind of got a little post-happy with Kobe Surprise‘s uncensored and translated Japanese Cfnm content previously. So I’ve waited awhile to do a Japanese Cfnm post, and have only included one update to the left from Kobe Surprise called “Business Women Have All The Fun”. Of course it wouldn’t […]

Since last month’s post of Japanese Cfnm (easily peeped here) proved to be so attention getting, I’ve done another for today. Most of the hub-bub was caused by the review of Kobe Surprise I dropped in your laps, as well as the fact as all their scenes aren’t only uncensored, they’re translated as well. I […]

Those who know my Cfnm predilections through this blog know that Japanese Cfnm is easily one of my fave genres. So when I caught wind of Kobe Surprise‘s entry into the Cfnm site universe, I became a bit giddy. Yeah, I’ll admit that sounds dorky, but that’s my thing, baby. Anyhow, like I mentioned here, […]

I’d originally wanted this Japanese Cfnm post to be a site review for an upcoming new site catering to the genre exclusively. But I’m sure you’ve now heard of Kobe Surprise, which is a hybrid of Money Talks and Soft On Demand’s vastly creative Japanese porn. All except it’s part of the Dancing Bear and […]

Now I’m quite stoked to share this batch of incredibly fun and hot Japanese Cfnm tonight, as I usually am with this stuff. What you have below is 5 examples of why the Japanese quite easily have the Cfnm genre mastered (much like most other fetishes for that matter). First up are the reality-bending Cfnm […]

When I was deciding what to post next, I looked back through previous updates and noticed that it’d been over a month since I’d posted any Japanese Cfnm. It’s going to be hard to follow the last Japanese Cfnm post (you can revisit HERE) as everybody went bat shit crazy over it. However, I think […]